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Eric Young

Founder/CEO/A1 Assessor

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Injah Sancho

Motivational Support Worker

I have been dedicated to the well-being of children, young people and their families for over 26 years.  Having Qualified as a Social Worker in 1995 my emphasis has continued to in providing holistic person centred engagement that focused on strengths and building resilience.  I have worked in residential settings, secure units and community engagement project with young people who are desperately searching for their way in the world whilst struggling with their individual adversities.  I have found that the missing component that many crave is someone to believe in them and take the time support their lives.  Having worked in safeguarding for an extensive period it is startling as to the level of risk that young people people are subjected to and how this can lead to negative engagements, injury, confinement and in some cases loss of life.  


My desire to undertake this role was based not only in the knowledge that I could make a positive contribution within a supportive team. In an environment that enhanced skills and encouraged growth.  It is also based on my personal experiences growing up where there was an absence of nurture and feelings of loss due to family systems not being in place to offer security and direction.  For a period of time due to feelings of anger I attempted to find direction through routes that ultimately had a negative impact.  Thankfully for me I was blessed with a mentor who offered guidance, luring me towards  track and field.  With these supports at my disposal I not only found a way to release the angst that had been building but also gain focus.  


This led to me training to international level, recognising the benefits of exercise and how this can lead to a positive state of mind and physical well being.  Running allowed me to combat the rage and focus on where and what I wanted to be in the future.  


Being in a position to offer motivational physical training combined with nutritional meals that inspires young people to begin their days invigorated and ready to engage in tasks and sustain them throughout the day.  It enables them to develop positive engagements around the table with their peers who are all focused on a common goal.  Independent Living Skills are also incorporated into the package in order that confidence in maintaining self is harnessed.


While I am confident that within my role I will be focused on the wellbeing and safety of the young people throughout their time at Camp Grenada.   I have every assurance that everyone involved will play a part in supporting and taking the time to nurture their hearts and minds




BA Social Science

DIP Social Work

Alana James-Young

Communications Specialist

I remember the conversation at 14 years old when my parents asked me "what am I going to do after I pass my G.C.S.Es?" I was never that exceptionally clever book smart individual, if I'm honest with you school was a struggle for me. But I loved to talk, socialise and I would help anyone who asked, I love that happy feeling when I have contributed to another persons success. ​ I remember narrowing my options to hairdressing or travel and tourism, and after my 3 weeks work experience in a hair salon, travel and tourism was screaming to me. So, after 2 years studying travel and tourism at college I had a brain wave that if I studied IT also I'd have the best opportunities available. (people with good computer knowhow back in the 00's were earning good money, oh and did I forget to mention, staying focused on 1 idea wasn't a strong point of mine, so 1 year in I decided travel and tourism was definately my love, (computers tested my patience way too often, lol) ​ So, we fast forward a few more years and that familiar coversation took place "now you have your bacholars honours degree in travel and tourism communications, what's your chosen job role?" Now between you and me, I had enough of studying, I was now early twenties and I wanted money in my pocket, the job role I wanted required 2 years travel sales reservations experience so, WIN WIN!!! "I am going to work as a full-time travel agent" was my answer. ​ So, fast forward another 10+ years and hello, my name is Alana James-Young and I am the one and only communications specialist at All those beautiful questions you send land straight into my inbox. Join our community, save me to your address book and I will add you to mine, and every Friday you will receive one email from me sharing useful DIY home maintenance and improvements, updates on our program, our online qualifications, raffle draws and much much more. ​ ​ ​ ​

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