The Full Story


The idea of Camp Grenada was established in 2020, when COVID19 was the talk of the whole world, with lockdown after lockdown and still UK gun and knife crime deaths and injuries were high.

Then, June 2021, Camp Grenada Limited was born.

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We strive to impression lives via supporting, guiding, training and educating individuals with knowledge and practicalities, achievable within the construction trade.


To inspire and hearten every students life journey - with our innovative vocational retreat programme, within the Caribbean.

We conduct our organisation in a culturally responsible and ethical manner.


Grenada is an island located in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean, it measures fourteen miles across and twenty-six miles top to bottom for a total land area of 121 square miles. It has a beautiful dense rain forest, and a jagged coastline, which is surrounded by picturesque beaches, and brilliant foliage.