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Vocational Learning in Sunny, Safe, Authentic Grenada, the Isle of Spice

Camp Grenada Academic University combines the experience of a relaxed and memorable vacation within a supported learning and developmental experience.

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is an island located in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean, it measures fourteen miles across and twenty-six miles top to bottom for a total land area of 121 square miles. It has a beautiful dense rain forest, and a jagged coastline, which is surrounded by picturesque beaches, and brilliant foliage.

Meet the Team

I still remember the conversation at 14 years old when my parents asked me "what am I going to do after I pass my G.C.S.Es?"

I was never that exceptionally clever book smart individual, if I'm honest with you school was a struggle for me. But I loved to talk, socialise and I would help anyone who asked, I love that happy feeling when I have contributed to another persons success.

I remember narrowing my options to hairdressing or travel and tourism, and after my 3 weeks work experience in a hair salon, travel and tourism was screaming to me. So, after 2 years studying travel and tourism at college I had a brain wave that if I studied IT also I'd have the best opportunities available. (people with good computer knowhow back in the 00's were earning good money, oh and did I forget to mention, staying focused on 1 idea wasn't a strong point of mine, so 1 year in I decided travel and tourism was definately my love, computers tested my patience way too often, lol)

So, we fast forward a few more years and that familiar coversation took place "now you have your bacholars honours degree in travel and tourism communications, what's your chosen job role?"

Now between you and me, I had enough of studying, I was now early twenties and I wanted money in my pocket, the job role I wanted required 2 years travel sales reservations experience so, WIN WIN!!!

"I am going to work as a full-time travel agent" was my answer.

So, hello my name is Alana James-Young and I am the one and only communications specialist at Knowledgeinthesun.com. All those beautiful questions you send land straight in my inbox. So, sign up to our mailing list, add me to your address book and I will add you to mine, so you receive one email a week from me keeping you up-to-date on the growth of our program, our online qualifications, raffle draws and much much more.

Mr Eric Young

· Completed PTLLS.

· Completed CTLLS.

· Completed DTLLS.

· Completed Assessors Certificate A1.

· Completed Level 2 NVQ

· Delivering CSCS training for all students.

· Security Enhanced clearance working in prisons, End date 10,07,2023

· key/Radio trained to work in the prison service.

· DBS connected to the online service.



I am confident, organized and flexible. Solving problems gives me the challenge I enjoy. I work well in a team using my initiative to adapt to any situation and have the skills and abilities to manage work unsupervised. I also keep up to date with the construction multi-trade industry through training and by undertaking specialized projects and assignment within my current role and through commissioned projects.


I have over 30 years work experience in the Construction Industry, the first 4 years as a Painter & Decorator Trainee, gaining all skills and knowledge relevant to the painting and decorating trade. This includes extensive experience in plastering, tiling, plumbing, carpentry, glazing, bricklaying, carpet laying, floor laying, Kitchen fitting and internal mould specialist.



Employment History


April 2019 – March 13,2020

HMPS Maidstone Prison

Boston Rose

Security Enhanced clearance, end date 10,07,2023 also key/Radio trained to work in the prison service.

Delivering multi-skill in construction levels 1, 2

Delivering CSCS training, for all students with six months left on their sentence.

Delivering and assessing Tilling, Plastering, Carpentry, Pluming, painting & Decorating, Brick laying.


February 2018 – February 2019

Bounce Back Foundation

POP Brixton 49 Brixton Station Road

London SW9 8PQ

Security Enhanced clearance, end date 10,07,2023 also key/Radio trained to work in the prison service.

Delivering CSCS training, for all students attending the Marcus Lipton Youth Club Brixton.

Delivering multi-skill in construction levels 1, 2 plus CSCS training for all students with eleven months left on their sentence.

Delivering and assessing level 1 & 2 Painting & Decorating in HMPS Pentonville Prison / HMPS Brixton Prison, HMPS wandsworth Prison and HMP/YOI Feltham Prison.


January 2017- January 2018

Carillion training

Delivering and assessing Painting & Decorating levels 1, 2, & 3

Delivering multi-skill in construction levels 1, 2

Delivering CSCS training for all students.


February 2016 – October 2016

Shooters Hill Post 16 Campus

Red Lion Lane, London, SE18 4LD

Delivering and assessing Painting & Decorating levels 1, 2

Delivering CSCS training for all students.

Delivering multi-skill construction


July 2015 - January 2016

Lewisham College Deptford Campus,

2 Deptford Church st, London SE8 4RZ

Delivering level 1 & 2 Painting and Decorating

Delivering CSCS training for all students.


January 2015 – May 2015

Nacro pathways,

55 Second Avenue Chatham ME4 5AU

Delivering multi-skill in construction course to Nacro students.

Delivering CSCS training for all students.


January 2009 - 2014

Brooklands College, Weybridge,

Heath Road, Weybridge Surrey KT13 8TT

Lecturer for Brooklands College - Multi-Trade/Painting & Decorating.

· Completed PTLLS.

· Completed CTLLS.

· Completed DTLLS.

· Completed Assessors Certificate A1.

· Completed Level 2 NVQ

· Delivering CSCS training for all students.

· I have experience in teaching student with special education needs/disabilities. profiles include: - students on the autistic spectrum including aspersers syndrome; dysphasia; dyslexia; speech and language disorder/delay; ADHD; social emotional and behavioral issues; moderate learning difficulties; severe learning difficulties and disabilities; gross and fine motor difficulties; processing and short term memory difficulties.

· Running evening classes for adult learners on a 16-week programme in construction.

· Working in conjunction with the Prison Service, offering ex-offenders, prior to release a 6-week multi-skill taster course.

· Working with Youth Offending Service, providing a 12-week multi-skill construction course.

· Delivering 8-week multi-skill construction course to Princes Trust students.



November 2005 - June 2006: T.B.G. Learning Centre, 13 - 14 Ellerslie Square, South London SW2 5DZ

E2E Trainer

· Demonstrating and supervising up to 15 learners per week, in work related skills in painting and decorating occupations.

· Deliver the Painting and Decorating Construction's FCA Units level 1, to clients working towards their FCA qualifications in painting and decorating.

· Record learners progress and review.


June 2002 - October 2005: A4E Works 9 Brighton House, London SW2

Project Supervision / Tutor


· Finding new sites for the painting and decorating projects.

· Supervise between 8 and 15 clients on a painting and decorating project mainly in schools.

· Pre-vetting of placements sites.

· Completing risk assessment for all sites.

· Completing the site register daily.

· Completing client's time-sheets.

· Chase up clients not attending site.

· Deliver the Painting and Decorating Construction's ICA units level 2 to clients who are working towards their ICA qualifications in painting and decorating.

· Demonstrating the skills required in painting and decorating.

· Assist clients to develop their painting skills through one to one group sessions.

· Review client's progress.

· Promote equal opportunity within the painting project.

· Deliver health and safety training.

· Arrange assessment for the ICA assessor.

· Assisting with client's job search.

I was based at Walnut Primary School, with clients ‘on programme' to re-decorate the school building. I demonstrated and observed clients carrying out the painting and decorating tasks to achieve 4 units of the ICA decorative occupation.

I taught clients to work in a safe manner according to the health & safety at work act, which covers the ‘legal pack' consisting of a 23-page document and work sheets to give an in depth knowledge of:

· Fire procedures, R.I.D.D.O.R

· Chemicals used in the construction trade.

· Working equipment and their safe uses.

· Protective equipments.

· Health & Safety procedures.

I demonstrated correct lifting procedures and manual handling as required in the make up of the ICA Unit 100.

I also gave theory sessions and practical demonstrations of:

· Storing tools and materials, receiving materials, checking against orders and delivery notes.

· Keeping records, reporting findings, restoring of paints, tools, perishable materials, chemicals and hazardous substances.

ICA Unit 100 ‘stores materials' I delivered these worksheets to underpin the clients' knowledge. These are assessed by the assessor with oral questions and observations. This is used as evidence to ensure the clients' are competent in gaining the ICA units. These are: recorded, dated, and signed by the client, assessor and my self on the F017 unit summary form. This was done after every unit was completed.

Unit 102 ‘work efficiently' - I delivered these units to the clients with a series of theory sessions, before the assessment work sheets, and handouts which covered:

· communication on site,

· trade operatives,

· building teams on a construction project,

· site documents, planning,

· interpretation of building plans,

Were delivered by the ICA assessor, and completed in the presence of an assessor.

Using the areas where the actual work activity was to be carried out, I was able to give clients hands on experience in: safe usage of access equipment, ladders, extended ladders, hop-ups, steps, trestles and mobile towers erecting, which covered ICA unit 101.

ICA unit 111 ‘prepare work area for operations' - I demonstrated:

· Moving furniture and curtains.

· Protecting surrounding areas from work operations including floor protections,

· Moving and replacing radiators.

Clients then received hand outs and ICA worksheets, which are assessed by ICA assessor.

· I delivered theories on painting and decorating,

· The preparation of different types of surfaces: pre-painted, porous, non-porous, plastered, bricks, tiled, timber, metal.

· The tools and materials needed for the task.

· The safe use of them including PPE.

· Observed clients while they were doing tasks which the previous units had covered.

· Offered one to one assistance and group work to encourage the treatment of surfaces which covers ICA unit 112 ‘preparation of surfaces for decorating' for the treatment of: dampness, moulds, fungi chemical active surfaces, rust, knots, splits, dry rot. Removing oil paints and varnishes by heat and chemicals. Washing

Down surfaces, making good surfaces by abrading, water base fillers, patch plastering and stoppers.

· Clients were given the opportunity to apply paint to surfaces by brush or rollers (unit 113) - using correct techniques to avoid paint defects. Using the correct system to gain good standards of finished work, correcting mistakes as required by ICA unit 115 ‘applying specialist finishes to surfaces'. Such as; Varnish, marbling, rag and cloth graining.

· Demonstrated to clients the application of wall paper hanging - unit 114, allowing them to gain skills in paper hanging, measuring, cutting, sticking and trimming.

· Attended various training courses.

· Achieved - FAWA First Aid Certificate -15 August 2003.

· Attended a health & safety pre-vetting course - gained certificate of achievement.


May 1997 - February 2001:

Mr Malcolm P McGlade - D.A.M.A.C. Services, Property Maintenance, 7 Emanuel Avenue, Acton, W3

Painter and Decorator


· Painting and decorating of private and commercial properties around central London.

· Protected the work area (unit 111) by laying floor and furniture coverings.

· Removed existing wallpaper (Unit 112) - covering, preparing walls, ceiling and timber work. (unit 114).

· Re-papering using various types of paper such as vinyl, pattern, various grade of lining paper, cross lining and drop, wood ingrain, yard fabric (unit 112).

· Removing paint by heat and treatment to surfaces making good surfaces - to apply protective coat of paint, base coats and paint finishes: varnish, eggshell, gloss, stainers (Unit 113)

· Internal and external decorating - metal railings, metal security doors.

· Replace sash cords, metal drainage pipes. (Unit 101).

· Erecting mobile tower - the safe use of the access equipment and platforms.

· Working at heights of towers and extension ladders.

· Receiving and storing materials for task ordering and collecting materials.

· Invoice and delivery notes and signed jobs (chitty).

· Completed forms - handed in once week for records. (Unit 100, and 102).


1989 - 1996: Community Industry 101 - 105 Plough Road,

Battersea, London, SW11.

Site Consultant


· Supervising 15 clients per week, in the construction industry in painting & decorating towards NVQ level 2.

· Site base supervisor to supervise and demonstrate work related skills in painting and decorating, to the unemployed.

· Projects took place in local buildings: libraries, churches and nurseries.

· Duties included: safe use of ladders and steps (unit 101), access equipment. Wall papering surfaces (unit 14), emulsion of surfaces, undercoating and glossing surfaces (unit 113).

· Control of stores and ordering materials (ICA unit 100).

· Ensuring all participants are trained to work in a safe manner according to health & safety policies.

· Assisting participants to present evidence of competence.

· Review and give feedback of participant's progress.

· Arrange assessment day with the assessor.

· Find new sites and placements for decorating.

· Attended the PASMA training course on the safe erection and use of prefabricated aluminium towers, and use of the aliscaff chimney scaff.

· Awarded the Aliscaff Certificate of Competence. No 0058 & P0036 on the 22/2/91.

· Attended a training course in City & Guilds - D31 unit covering supporting evidence, portfolio building, identifying the ranges of the NVQ units, lesson planning and observations.


1984 - 1989: Manpower Services,

Mutual Aid, Management Agency,

Skillion Centre, Cold Harbour Lane, London SW2.

Charge Hand


· Supervised and carried out work related skills in painting and decorating, with the long term unemployed within the local community.

· Supervised up to 106 painters, on community based programme, contracted by the job centre plus and Manpower Services with Lambeth buildings.

· Redecorated civic areas and local charity organisations and selected Lambeth properties ‘voids'.

· Prepared and applied the required finishes, made good all surfaces, treated defects. Applied water base paints, primers and varnishes. Wall paper hanging with patterned vinyl. Stripped old artexed ceilings by steaming and re - artexing.


1977 - 1984: Woodward Construction Ltd,

Ruislip, Middlesex.

Labourer / Painter and Decorator trainee / Painter and Decorator

· Employment arranged through school

· Based on large construction sites in Hounslow, Heston, Perivale and Uxbridge

Hands on duties:

· Keep site clean and tidy - prepare tea for site work force and office team.

· Load and unload materials and carry materials to appropriate area.

· Keep stores and store areas tidy and stock safely stored.

· Assist trade persons as and when required.

· Assisted painters and followed instructions on removing and applying surfaces.

· Applied for position as trainee decorator.

· Achieved position of Painter and Decorator.


United Kingdom

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