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Vocational Retreat in Sunny, Safe, Authentic Grenada, the Isle of Spice

Camp Grenada Academic University combines the experience of a relaxed and memorable vacation with a supported learning and developmental experience

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is an island located in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean, it measures fourteen miles across and twenty-six miles top to bottom for a total land area of 121 square miles. It has a beautiful dense rain forest, and a jagged coastline, which is surrounded by picturesque beaches, and brilliant foliage.

Meet the Team

I still remember the conversation at 14 years old when my parents asked me "what am I going to do after I pass my G.C.S.Es?"

I was never that exceptionally clever book smart individual, if I'm honest with you school was a struggle for me. But I loved to talk, socialise and I would help anyone who asked, I love that happy feeling when I have contributed to another persons success.

I remember narrowing my options to hairdressing or travel and tourism, and after my 3 weeks work experience in a hair salon, travel and tourism was screaming to me. So, after 2 years studying travel and tourism at college I had a brain wave that if I studied IT also I'd have the best opportunities available. (people with good computer knowhow back in the 00's were earning good money, oh and did I forget to mention, staying focused on 1 idea wasn't a strong point of mine, so 1 year in I decided travel and tourism was definately my love, computers tested my patience way too often, lol)

So, we fast forward a few more years and that familiar coversation took place "now you have your bacholars honours degree in travel and tourism communications, what's your chosen job role?"

Now between you and me, I had enough of studying, I was now early twenties and I wanted money in my pocket, the job role I wanted required 2 years travel sales reservations experience so, WIN WIN!!!

"I am going to work as a full-time travel agent" was my answer.

So, fast forward another 10+ years and hello, my name is Alana James-Young and I am the one and only communications specialist at Knowledgeinthesun.com. All those beautiful questions you send land straight in my inbox. Join our community, save me to your address book and I will add you to mine, and every Monday you will receive one email from me sharing useful home maintenance and improvements, updates on our program, our online qualifications, raffle draws and much much more.


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